An emerging technology combines a nature-based solution to achieve the targets of CCPs and Paris Agreement.

The removal solution by the apparatus of VIOLON includes TBS (Technology-Based Solution) and NBS (Nature-Based Solution) which can remove large amounts of CO2 from the atmosphere and convert CO2 into the biosphere for scaling up a high-integrity carbon market.

Under the CCPs and Assessment Framework, VIOLON focuses on making sure robust quantification of emission reductions and removals by converting CO2 into (HCO3−). The solution of this method by the apparatus is based on the principles of conservation approaches, comprehensive completeness, and sound scientific methods.


Earth Breathe

(NASA/JPL AIRS Project, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio)

Why Choose Violon

The new technology doesn’t need to heat up. It is a real low-carbon technology for hard-to-abate sectors.

Our CCU apparatus can be monitored, reported and verified by independent third-party certification. It can avoid the risk of double counting or leakage in the voluntary carbon markets.

To foster circular use of Carbon (CCU) and offer significant co-benefits

To attract financing and promote public-private partnership (PPP)

To embrace the concepts of circular carbon economy and industrial clusters

Violon Deploying Technology Solution for Carbon Neutral Hard-to-Abate Sectors

Regardless of how well designed and operated a refinery or a power plant is, there are always needs having to face the problems of energy demands and carbon emissions. As the Integrity Council for Voluntary Carbon Market sets and enforces definitive global threshold standards, hard-to-abate sectors have to deal with the issue of cost-efficiency to minimize their carbon footprint.

At Violon, we have the carbon capture technology which can convert a large number of carbon dioxide into biosphere. The key characteristics of our carbon removal solution at least can close loop cycling of carbon between atmosphere, technosphere and biosphere.

Violon can help make an impact within hard to abate sectors where decarbonization has been a proven challenge, such as:

Action Based on Core Carbon Principles

Our CCU solution can help hard-to-abate sectors go further and faster.


Refining & Petrochemicals




Modular CCU

Scaling Up the Carbon Credits Market Integrity

VIOLON offers modular carbon capture apparatus for hard-to-abate sectors. With scale CO₂ capture capacity ranging from 2,000 to 100,000 tons per year, VIOLON can offer the modular CCU unit to simplify and accelerate installation.


  • Our low- carbon CCU solution can solve the problem of “green premium.”
  • The CCU solution doesn’t affect the world’s energy economy and land-use systems during the net-zero transition.
  • The feasible CCU solution can restore biodiversity for balancing the biosphere and carbon sinks.
  • The CCU solution has the reasonable cost for the necessary spending on physical assets to reach net-zero emissions.

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NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio. Data provided by Robert B. Schmunk (NASA/GSFC GISS).

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